We at SGGI are delighted to stay in touch with our Alumni through our extensive Alumni network program. While many have moved on to careers outside our organisation, we still would love to stay in touch with the people who played a role in making SGGI what it is today. We encourage all our fellow alumni stay connected with us. Do keep us informed as to what you have been upto.

Read what our former employees have to say about their experiences at SGGI

I joined Saint Gobain straight out of college and in so many ways it felt like it was an extension of college with respect to all the fun and learning I had in the 5 years I spent. I had so many opportunities to learn and grow. I had to leave Saint-Gobain because I wanted to take up higher education. Now that I am in a business school I see the real value of a lot of best practices we do at Saint-Gobian, be it operations or any other function. I've been exposed to some of the best companies in the world I will proudly say SGGI is right up there among the best in terms of business practices and company culture and I will always remain a proud SGGIan.

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